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At Fyzical, we’re confident that our Laser Therapy, along with Physical Therapy, can help reduce your jaw pain, improve your range of motion, and make everyday life more enjoyable.

However, we understand that laser therapy is relatively new to the healthcare market. For this reason, we’re offering the first treatment for FREE so you can see and feel the results for yourself. Call today at (240) 361-9000 to set up your first treatment.


What is Laser Therapy?

Laser Therapy is a unique treatment option for pain and inflammation of the jaw. There are a few restrictions with this treatment. These include not performing the therapy directly over the eyes, over the uterus of pregnant women, and over active cancer sites. Fortunately, most people meet the criteria for this treatment.

Laser Therapy has many benefits. It is effective for the treatment of overuse injuries, pain, and inflammation of the TMJ.  Additionally, research shows it improves circulation, stimulates tissue repair and nerve function, and helps develop collagen and muscle tissue. These benefits result in faster recovery times and reduced pain.

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